Achronix Speedster22i Family to Shatter FPGA Limitations

Thanks to access to Intel’s 22 nanometer (nm) process technology, Achronix Semiconductor will attempt to develop the most advanced Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). According to Achronix, the Speedster22i FPGA family will shatter existing limitations of FPGA devices. The new FPGA devices will enable cost effective production of high performance devices over 2.5M LUTs in size (equivalent to an ASIC of over 20 million gates).

Achronix Semiconductor Speedster22i FPGA Overview

  • Based on Intel’s 22nm process technology
  • Will extend the boundaries of FPGA speed and power efficiency
  • Enables cost effective production of devices over 2.5M LUTs (equivalent to an ASIC of over 20 million gates)
  • Enables as much as 300% higher performance
  • 50% lower power
  • 40% lower cost
  • Ideal for military, aerospace, telecommunication, networking, industrial and consumer applications
  • Enable emerging applications such as 100G, 400G Ethernet networking and LTE mobile communications
  • Will be the first commercial FPGA family that can be manufactured in the USA

More information: Achronix Semiconductor