X6-RX PCIe XMC Module with Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA

Innovative Integration introduced the X6-RX PCIe XMC module. The X6-RX is a receiver that integrates IF digitizing with signal processing on an XMC IO module. The X6-RX PCIe module features a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA signal processing core, up to 24 configurable receiver channels, and a high performance PCI Express/PCI host interface. The XMC module enables IF recorders to log both digitized raw data and baseband channels in real-time at a sustained rate over 2 GB/s. The X6-RX is a ideal for wireless receivers, WLAN, WLAN, WCDMA, WiMAX, front end, RADAR, medical imaging, high speed data recording and playback, and IP development.

Innovative Integration X6-RX PCIe XMC Module with Xilinx Virtex-6

X6-RX PCIe XMC Module Features

  • Xilinx Virtex-6 SX315T (LX240T at initial release)
  • Four banks of 128MB DDR2 RAM
  • DSP core with over 2000 MACs (SX315T)
  • FPGA logic can be fully customized using VHDL and MATLAB
  • PCI Express/PCI host interface
  • Four 16-bit 130 MSPS A/Ds
  • Dual digital downconverter (DDC) ASIC
  • IF frequencies of up to 300 MHz
  • Sample clock is sourced from either a low-jitter PLL or external input
  • Multiple cards can be synchronized for sampling and downconversion
  • Up to 24 narrowband or 8 wideband channels, with input from any A/D channel
  • Each DDC channel performs complex or real downconversion
  • Flexible controls for mixing, filtering, decimation, output formats and data rates
  • Channels can be synchronized to support beam forming or frequency-hopped systems
  • Use less than 10W for typical operation
  • VITA 20 conduction cooling
  • Multiple ruggedization levels
  • Wide-temperature operation
  • Conformal coating
  • IP cores for DDC, demodulation, and FFT are available

More info: Innovative Integration