Actel IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit

Actel introduced the low-cost IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit. The starter kit features the low-power IGLOO PLUS field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit enables designers to quickly evaluate Actel’s IGLOO PLUS family and prototype their designs. Ranging from 30,000 to 125,000 gates, the 1.2V to 1.5V IGLOO PLUS devices have been optimized to meet the needs of power-conscious applications that require enhanced I/O features. The fully RoHS-compliant kit features a modular board with the IGLOO PLUS AGLP125 device, Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) DVD, a programming stick, user’s guide, tutorial and design examples. The IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit AGLP-EVAL-KIT is available today for US $199.

IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit Features

  • Environmentally-friendly, RoHS-compliant portable board
  • Independent I/O bank and core voltage control
  • Test points for measuring current consumption of the AGLP125-CSG289 device
  • OLED display – Blue 96×16 (0.8″) display for quick demos
  • Powered by USB cable or external power
  • All components used on the board: i.e., LEDs (2 mA), resets (µA range) and oscillator (2-3 mA) are low-power components
  • USB-to-UART interface for hyperterminal on PC connected to board

The kit’s evaluation board includes three buck regulators from National Semiconductor’s energy-efficient PowerWise product line. The LM3671 and LM2854 each feature peak efficiency above 96 percent to minimize power consumption, while the LM3678 features a typical switching frequency of 3.3 MHz. Also included is the LM27313 boost converter with 90 percent peak efficiency and a 30V internal FET switch. All of the products are optimized for the small form factor and efficiency requirements of the kit.

Actel IGLOO PLUS Starter Kit

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