Actel Ultra Low Power SpeedWay Design Workshops

Actel Ultra-Low Power SpeedWay Design Workshop, offered by Avnet Memec, is in-depth, “how to” workshop. The event provides hands-on experience to designers interested in leveraging Actel’s 5-microwatt IGLOO field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for battery-operated and portable applications. The new SpeedWay workshops offer engineers the opportunity to implement a working ultra-low power IGLOO design from start to finish. The hands-on workshops offer valuable technical training on the industry’s lowest power FPGAs as well as the tools required to closely examine power consumption, enabling customers to see for themselves the unprecedented low-power advantages and significant battery savings offered by these industry-changing programmable solutions.


  • Introduction to Libero IDE v8.3
  • IGLOO/A3P Product and Architecture Overview
  • FPGA Fabric Features – clocking, routing, memory
  • Low Power Design Considerations
  • Low Power optimization and analysis tools
  • Board level considerations
  • Processor and IP Overview

Avnet’s Actel Ultra-Low Power SpeedWay is a full-day session that introduces customers to the award-winning Actel IGLOO family and the Actel Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE). Hands-on labs using the 1.4″ x 3.6″ cell phone-sized Actel Icicle Kit allow designers to easily and rapidly program, evaluate and modify their low-power IGLOO-based portable designs.

Developed by Avnet’s factory-certified field application engineers (FAEs), the $49 Actel Ultra-Low Power workshops will be available through August 26, 2008, in 36 locations throughout North America. All participants will receive Actel’s battery-powered IGLOO Icicle Kit and a 7-segment digital multi-meter – a $100 value.

More info: Avnet Memec Actel Ultra-Low Power SpeedWay Design Workshop