SiliconBlue iCEman65 Evaluation Kit for iCE65 SRAM FPGAs

The iCEman65, from SiliconBlue Technologies, is an evaluation and development kit for low-power designs based on the iCE65 FPGA. The SiliconBlue evaluation kit gives designers the tools and IP needed to quickly integrate system functionality into a feature-rich FPGA. The iCEman65 evaluation kit is immediately available now for $299 (US).

SiliconBlue iCEman65 Evaluation Kit

iCEman Evaluation Kit Features

  • iCE65L04V
  • 284-ball chip-scale BGA package
  • Extensive I/O expansion
  • Flexible I/O bank voltages
  • Multiple clock inputs
  • SPI configuration interface
  • USB 2.0 programming/debugging support

The iCEman65 evaluation kit includes an iCE65L04 ultra-low power FPGA with 3520 logic cells, 80Kbits of RAM and 176 programmable I/O pins. When used with the SiliconBlue iCEcube VHDL and Verilog-based development software (available free with 30-day trial license on Windows or Linux), designers can quickly create applications using the on-board USB-based configuration solution. The kit also includes extensive I/O expandability, supporting four different I/O banks with multiple I/O standards, and a full line of affordable third-party accessories. Board test points provide easy access to all iCE65 voltage rails for easy power measurements. Board schematics, Gerber files and a complete user guide complete the kit.

More info: SiliconBlue