SiliconBlue iCE65L02, iCE65L04, and iCE65L08 in Volume Production

SiliconBlue Technologies began volume production for its iCE65L02, iCE65L04 and iCE65L08 65nm, SRAM-based FPGAs for handheld, ultra-low power applications. The iCE family is the first non-volatile FPGA optimized for the rapidly growing battery powered consumer handheld market. The iCE65L02, iCE65L04, and iCE65L08 are priced as low as $1.00 in high volume. At 3.2mm x 3.9 mm, the iCE65L04 device in the CS63 package provides the highest density, volume production FPGA in the world’s smallest package. The devices are now available in volume quantities in a full range of packages including VQFP, BGA, WLCSP, and KGD (Known Good Die).

SiliconBlue iCE65 FPGA Family

SiliconBlue’s iCE65 devices enable the creation of seamless new solutions using disparate ASSPs/devices. With their ASIC-like logic capability, SiliconBlue’s iCE65 devices are single-chip, reconfigurable, SRAM-based and incorporate the company’s proprietary NVCM (Non-Volatile Configuration Memory) technology, eliminating external flash PROM costs while making it easy-to-use.

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