Altera Single-Chip 4K Format Conversion Reference Design

At IBC2010, Altera will demonstrate the first single-chip 4K, format conversion reference design with integrated serial digital interface (SDI). The 4K format conversion reference design will available to customers in the fourth quarter of this year. The Stratix IV GX A/V Kit is available now. Additional Altera demonstrations at IBC2010 include:

  • A/V development kits packaged with the VIP Suite
  • Reference designs for getting started with 3G SDI, DisplayPort, PCI Express (PCIe) A/V streaming, audio rate conversion and audio embedding/encoding
  • A 28-nm Stratix V FPGA test chip
  • 4K scaler and UDX 4.2 video solutions demo

Altera’s 4K reference design features the Video Design Framework that enables the fastest design cycle for video applications. This includes the Video and Image Processing (VIP) Suite with MegaCore functions that facilitate the development of custom video and image processing designs. Also included is the hardware demonstration on a Stratix IV GX A/V Kit for affordable 4K video capture, editing, playback, format conversion and projection solutions, the Nios II embedded processor, a multi-port front-end DDR3 memory controller and the integrated SDI. This combined functionality of the broadcast-quality 4K reference design accelerates customer time to market by combining an optimized video design tool flow to support 4K resolution and 3D processing.

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