Hyperspeed FFT Cores DataSheet

RF Engines Limited (RFEL) announced a new datasheet for its ‘HyperSpeed’ range of high-performance FFT cores. The cores are factory scalable in terms of transform length and processing parallelism and can be built to optimally process complex data streams with very high sample rates from 400MS/s to several GS/s. The cores use a parallel pipelined processing architecture, which allows continuous real time data to be processed with no gaps between frames.

HyperSpeed FFT cores are intended for use in applications where processing speed is critical and optimum use of available silicon is required. Targeted at Xilinx Virtex 4 and Virtex5 families of FPGA, they can deliver continuous real time processing of complex data to several Giga Samples per second.

The cores are available for licence in netlist macro form as a component ready to be combined with customer’s own IP or as part of an integrated design from RFEL.

More info:
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