FPGA Hardware Powers Vhayu Velocity Squeezer

Velocity Squeezer, from Vhayu, captures, analyzes, stores and publishes events while processing every tick of market data in real-time and historically, including full depth of the order book. Velocity Squeezer is the first hybrid compression solution to tightly integrate a production application with field-programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware. The hardware component is a standard PCIe form factor card that plugs into any server in production today, which means that there is no hardware replacement required. Velocity Squeezer is currently in Beta testing at multiple Vhayu customer sites and will be generally available in Q3 2008.

Squeezer works seamlessly with Vhayu’s Velocity tick processing engine to deliver at least four times compression of all Velocity data with no performance penalty and enterprise-level fault tolerance. Velocity Squeezer enables financial firms to benefit from the enterprise-class fault tolerance and scalability. Through its parallel pipelined architecture for concurrent compression, dynamic multi-pathing, multi-tiered failover operations and parallel input/output operations, very high levels of fault tolerance, performance and scalability are maintained.

Velocity Squeezer sets a new benchmark in price performance for the storage and retrieval of tick data. This allows organizations to expand the amount of market data stored, monitored and managed to create better analytics, valuation models and strategies, and to identify additional opportunities and long-term financial trends. In addition, Squeezer significantly reduces the cost of deploying systems for compliance and trade cost analysis, which depends on storing rapidly growing volumes of data.

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