Altera MAX IIZ CPLDs Heading to Beijing Olympics

Shenzhen Huayu Communications Technology Company Limited has selected MAX® IIZ CPLDs from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR). The MAX IIZ CPLDs will be used for the new P1200 portable handsets. Huayu selected the devices for their ability to quickly and securely implement new features and capabilities while consuming minimal power and board space. Altera’s MAX IIZ CPLDs manage several peripherals in the P1200 handsets, including a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, an Infrared Data Association (IRDA) sensor, a Bluetooth interface, and LED control. The P1200 handsets will be used for ID identification, logistics, and public transportation services for the Beijing Summer Games.

Leading-edge handset developers such as Huayu face the challenge of quickly adding new product features demanded by their customers. The lengthy development cycles of full-custom ASICs and the lack of flexibility of ASSPs have limited developers’ ability to meet this challenge. In addition, features based on off-the-shelf components like ASSPs are easily duplicated by other manufacturers, severely reducing the benefits that handset developers enjoy when they deliver first-to-market capabilities. The MAX IIZ family addresses these concerns by delivering the lowest power consumption of any CPLD in the market, the highest amount of user-customizable logic resources per board area and design security.

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