Gleichmann Research Industrial Reference Platform Workshops

Gleichmann Electronics Research will explain how to develop a complete networks industrial system in less than one hour. The workshops will be take place in twelve European cities during October and November. The training will feature experts from Altera, Intel, and 3S-Smart Software Solutions. The workshop is built around the GE-Research Industrial Reference Platform (Hpe_IRP), which is based on an Intel Atom processor and an Altera Arria GX FPGA. The workshops offer an insight into the devices themselves, the design of the Industrial reference platform and the tools used to make the processor and FPGA work together.

Industrial Reference Platform Workshop Sessions

  • Atom Processor Overview
    Overview of the Intel Atom low power product line for Industrial Automation and how it evolves over future generations to comply with Moore’s Law. The session will explore Silicon technologies, market trends and platform features in the Industrial market covering a board range of topics which will include Hardware, Software and Tools.

  • Arria I/II GX Overview
    This presentation introduces PCI Express and how it has been implemented in Altera FPGA devices. It will cover the PCI Express enabled FPGA families, their features and how to implement a PCI Express interface using Altera’s development tools.

  • Technical Overview Qseven Module
    This presentation introduces the Qseven Embedded PC module standard and highlights the architecture, the interfaces and the cooling concept. Different products of the MSC Q7-US15W family of Qseven modules allow adjusting the requirements of the application to the cost target. A new module will feature an on-board Flash Disk for OS, program and data storage.

  • Hpe_IRP Overview
    Gleichmann Electronics Research will give an overview on the system, explanation of the block diagram, and system functionality. They will explain the tool chain and give information on the IP licensing system. Overview on the available IP from Gleichmann and 3rd parties with a special view on the Fieldbus interfaces. Availability of extension boards and road map will also be presented.

  • Programming the FPGA
    You’ll learn to program the FPGA with an Ethernet IP, HMI, and OSS-ROM (Operating System Support – ROM). Will also cover how to handle clock configuration with the Clock Factory, how the interrupt controller is working, and how to order and install 3rd party IP. Explanations to pinning, synthesis and loading the FPGA will aslo be given.

  • Write via Ethernet to a second Hpe_IRP
    We use the circuit from lesson 1 and connect two Hpe_IRP together. Each Hpe_IRP transfers data to the second system. Pressing a push button change the LED of the other system. We explain what to do in Linux.

  • CoDeSys
    Gain direct access to the automation market with the CoDeSys SoftPLC and the Industrial Reference Platform. Join live session and learn how to program this platform with the market leading IEC 61131-3 tool CoDeSys. Use its many integrated features and product add-ons to solve typical automation tasks.

  • Usage of JTAG Debugger
    Test LEDs and push buttons with the JTAG debugger. The JTAG debugger is part of the standard delivery.

  • How to implement an own component
    With the Hpe_AIM it’s possible to define an own IP. The session will show how easy the programming is, what is necessary to get a symbol, and how you have to prepare your IP for Linux.

Industrial Reference Platform Workshop Dates and Locations

  • 26-Oct-2009 Barcelona (Spain)
  • 28-Oct-2009 Milan (Italy)
  • 29-Oct-2009 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 30-Oct-2009 Stuttgart (South West Germany)
  • 02-Nov-2009 Vienna (Austria)
  • 03-Nov-2009 Munich (South East Germany)
  • 04-Nov-2009 Nuremberg (South and Middle Germany)
  • 05-Nov-2009 Hanover(North Germany)
  • 06-Nov-2009 Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 09-Nov-2009 Eindhoven (Netherland)
  • 10-Nov-2009 Paris (France)
  • 12-Nov-2009 Reading (UK greater London)

More information: Industrial Reference Platform Workshop Registration