Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit

Lattice Semiconductor launched their HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit, which is a production-ready High Definition (HD) video camera development system based on the LatticeECP3 FPGA family. The HDR-60 kit helps camera manufacturers jump start their FPGA-based high definition camera programs. The kit features Aptina 720p HDR sensor, on-board DDR2 memory, two USB ports, RJ45 Ethernet port, Broadcom Broadreach PHY, and built-in BNC connector. The Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit is available for $399.

Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit

HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit Features

  • FPGA-based Image Signal Processing
  • Pre-loaded with a plug and play evaluation Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline (based on Helion IP core)
  • Aptina 720p HDR sensor (1080p HDR sensor planned in Q2 2011)
  • Fully Production-Ready HDR Camera Design
  • Schematics and layout files are available free
  • 1080p Capable at 60 frames per second
  • Supports up to 16 Megapixel Sensors
  • Supports up to two sensors simultaneously
  • Full 60fps in streaming mode needs no external frame buffer
  • Fast Auto Exposure Instantly Adjust to Changing Light
  • Greater than 120 dB High Dynamic Range (HDR) Performance
  • Two USB ports
  • RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Built-in BNC connector
  • Direct HDMI / DVI output from FPGA
  • Extremely Low-Latency
  • Comprehensive Image Processing IP Library
  • On-board DDR2 memory
  • On-board Broadcom Broadreach PHY Enables IP over Coax
  • On-board FTDI Chip provides easy programming via low cost USB cable
  • Highly efficient Auto White Balance algorithm
  • 2D noise reduction
  • Ideal for evaluating and prototyping high-definition HDR video cameras for security and surveillance, traffic control, video conferencing and automotive application

Lattice Semiconductor HDR-60 Video Camera Development Board

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