CAST Offers Ultra-low Latency Video Encoding Option for H.264 IP Cores

CAST announced an ultra-low latency video encoding option for their H.264 video encoder IP cores. The new option enables near-real time video transmission for streaming and wireless video applications, especially when coupled with CAST’s hardware stacks for fast, processor-less video processing.

CAST’s H.264 video encoder cores help designers regulate latency down to a few frames through a sophisticated rate control algorithm. The intra-only versions of the encoders can now go further. This gives designers the ability to regulate latency at a deep sub-frame level. This enables latencies under 20ms for 30 frames per second video, and under 10ms for 60fps.

The sub-frame rate control feature for ultra-low latency is now a standard part of the intra-only version video encoder cores and available from CAST worldwide. The new ultra-low latency intra-only encoders support the Baseline, Main, and High Profiles of the H.264 standard (ISO/IEC 14496-10/ITU-T) and are sourced from technology partner Alma Technologies.

More info: CAST Video and Image Compression IP Cores