Altera’s Stratix FPGAs Power GiDEL’s Boards, Adapters

GiDEL’s PROC algorithm acceleration boards and the PC_X8 PCI Express (PCIe) adapter for the PROCxM prototyping systems feature Stratix® II, Stratix II GX, and Stratix III FPGAs from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR). The Altera® Stratix FPGAs enable GiDEL to integrate more functions and maximize system performance in its new development systems targeting PCIe applications and designers.

GiDEL’s PROCStar III Development System
Targeting PCIe-based embedded processing applications, GiDEL’s PROCStar III development system leverages one to four of Altera’s Stratix III FPGAs to provide hardware acceleration of users’ application-specific processing algorithms. The PROCStar III supports eight lanes of PCIe through a Stratix II GX FPGA.

GiDEL’s PROCel Embedded Processor Board
GiDEL’s PROCel embedded processor board targets frame grabbers, digital signal processing (DSP) applications, and high-speed data acquisition, vision, imaging, and reconfigurable computing systems. The PROCel board meets the PCIe low-profile specification and features two Stratix FPGAs—a Stratix II FPGA for algorithm execution and a Stratix II GX FPGA for a high-speed, eight-lane PCIe interface to the host computer.

GiDEL’s PC_X8 PCIe Adapter
Stratix II GX devices are featured in GiDEL’s PC_X8 PCIe adapter for its PROC9M and PROC30M system-on-chip (SoC) verification systems. The PROC9M and PROC30M SoC verification systems, supported by the PC_X8 adapter, are used to verify multimillion-gate SoC designs. The Stratix II GX FPGA on the PC_X8 card provides a PCIe host interface to the PCIe intellectual property (IP) being verified within the SoC design residing on the PROC development system.

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PROC Algorithm Acceleration Boards Feature Altera’s Stratix FPGAs