C Language to FPGA Compilation

GiDEL recently announced the availability of C-language to FPGA compilation using the Impulse C tools from Impulse Accelerated Technologies. The new capabilities include an Impulse C Platform Support Package that tightly integrates the Impulse C-to-FPGA compiler to GiDEL’s PROCStarIII(TM), PROCStarII(TM), PROCSpark II(TM), and PROCel(TM) systems using the GiDEL PROCWizard(TM) Software.

GiDEL PROC FPGA computing systems feature advanced Altera Stratix III(TM) and II FPGAs that can be configured to provide application specific acceleration for computationally intensive processing. The PROC reconfigurable systems are used to accelerate complex algorithms that include DSP, image processing, national security, and other performance critical domains.

The integration of Impulse C and GiDEL PROCWizard tools will enable algorithm developers to more rapidly prototype, accelerate, and optimize complex applications. The integration reduces or eliminates the need to write low-level HDL code, increasing access to FPGAs by software programmers.

More info: GiDEL | Impulse Accelerated Technologies