RocketDrive for Altera Stratix IV FPGA Family and RocketVision 4.0

GateRocket rolled out RocketDrive for the Altera Stratix IV FPGA family. RocketDrive is a disk-drive sized peripheral that acts as an FPGA-based turbo-charger to an HDL simulator. RocketDrive complements software design tools from Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Synplicity, and other FPGA tool vendors. GateRocket RocketVision 4.0 sotware is also available. RocketVision is a companion software debugging option that can cut weeks or months off of lab debug time.

RocketDrive cuts verification and in-system debug time for advanced single or multi-FPGA based projects while adding significant value through seamless integration with a design team’s existing verification environment, with no changes to the flow or verification methodology. RocketDrive is available in several configurations, each containing the largest FPGA in its respective device family. RocketDrive also includes all the software required to set up and control the device and integrate it into an existing FPGA design verification environment.

GateRocket RocketVision 4.0 Features

  • Automatic Configuration
    Simplifies use and eliminates the potential of user error when configuring the environment
  • Dynamic Block Selection
    Eliminates the need to re-build the FPGA during debugging sessions since the user can dynamically select which design blocks run in the FPGA and which ones run in the simulator
  • On-The-Fly Signal Scope Selection
    Enables re-configuration of signal scopes inside of the FPGA on-the-fly without the need to re-build the FPGA
  • Other Features
    Full mixed Verilog/VHDL design support, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 support, verification with up to eight simultaneous RocketDrives, support for Stratix IV RocketDrives

RocketVision is an advanced debugging package that delivers additional value from the RocketDrive system by providing simulators with visibility into the FPGA hardware and automated diagnosis by comparing intended behavior with actual results in the FPGA. With RocketVision, users can quickly identify the root cause of errors typically found only in the lab, and save weeks of in-system hardware debugging.

More information: GateRocket