Pigeon Point Systems MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller BMR Starter Kit

Pigeon Point Systems (PPS) introduced the MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller (MCMC) Board Management Reference (BMR) Starter Kit based on Actel’s Fusion mixed-signal FPGA. The MCMC starter kit is a solution for the mandatory management controllers used in MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) modules, including the Carrier Manager and Shelf Manager functions.

The Pigeon Point Systems kit accelerates design cycles and enables designers to concentrate on differentiating their MCH products instead of using internal effort to meet management requirements for specification compliance and interoperability. In addition to the MCMC functionality, the ARM Cortex-M1 processor in the Fusion mixed-signal FPGA hosts the Pigeon Point uCarrier Manager and uShelf Manager components to enable cost-effective and compact management of an entire MicroTCA shelf. The Fusion FPGA-based MCMC integrates significant functionality that would need to be implemented as external devices in an MCMC based on a traditional microcontroller, saving substantial bill-of-materials (BOM) cost and reducing footprint.

MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller BMR Starter Kit

  • Schematics for a complete MCMC subsystem ready for integration into an MCH design
  • Customer-adaptable design for the Fusion FPGA that serves as the core of that subsystem
  • Corresponding firmware, delivered in source code form
  • Benchtop MCMC and supporting hardware to enable an immediate ramp up on MicroTCA’s IPMI-based management framework, without waiting for custom hardware

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