Actel System Management Reference Design

Actel (NASDAQ: ACTL) is offering a new system management reference design for $1.20 . The design combines a mixed-signal Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC) with an optimized, configurable CoreABC microcontroller to provide a complete system management solution using a fraction of the Fusion part’s logic tiles. As a result, the small and flexible design eliminates the need for a variety of discrete components typically used in system management applications, while also offering additional chip real estate that can be custom-configured for the end application.

Actel’s low-cost, single-chip Fusion-based solution enables a broader range of embedded applications, such as medical, industrial and test, to engage in cost-effective and sophisticated power management so that end systems can become more energy-efficient.

The CoreABC soft microcontroller provides a complete system management solution, in conjunction with Fusion’s analog sub-systems, which uses roughly 40,000 gates of the 250,000-gate AFS250 Actel Fusion device. This results in an implementation cost of $1.20 and leaves the remaining portion of the device free for integrating additional system functionality such as glue logic, as well as clock generation and management logic. The solution therefore enables significant bill of materials, power and board area savings.

Actel’s system management solution integrates voltage monitors, current monitors, thermal monitoring, real-time signal processing, PLD functionality and more – often replacing more than 10 discrete components typically used in system management applications. In addition, the Actel Fusion solution allows designers to engage in intelligent system, power and thermal management, data logging and system diagnostics in a single chip, saving board space.

Using the mixed-signal Actel Fusion device and CoreABC, designers can achieve real-time operation with hardware response times. In addition, CoreABC does not need complex interrupt schemes or a real-time operating system. The programmable Fusion device can monitor temperatures, voltages and currents using analog inputs.

Actel’s low-cost system management reference design is available now. The reference design includes VHDL and Verilog versions of the design with a detailed user guide.

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