FPGAView for Tektronix MSO4000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE:TEK) and First Silicon Solutions (FS2), a division of MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIPS) unveiled FPGAView(TM) software for configuring and real-time debugging of Altera and Xilinx FPGA devices using the Tek MSO4000 Series mixed signal oscilloscopes.

FPGAView software makes debugging FPGA designs faster than ever. The once tedious processes of defining and routing FPGA signals to the external logic analyzer connector, and mapping channels for the MSO or logic analyzer, are now handled by the FPGAView software. Using FPGAView software, design engineers can quickly and easily measure signals inside their Altera and Xilinx FPGA designs and select which group of internal signals to probe without having to recompile their design. The program also automatically updates the MSO or TLA logic analyzer channel names with the internal FPGA signal names selected.

FPGAView software runs on a host Windows-based PC and communicates with the MSO over Ethernet or a USB link, in conjunction with the TekVISA OpenChoice Instrument Manager software. For the Tektronix Logic Analyzer (TLA) family, the FPGAView software can either run on the analyzer or on a separate PC that communicates with the TLA over Ethernet.

The FPGAView software package works with any version of MSO4000 series software and Tektronix TLA5000 or TLA7000 series with Tektronix logic analyzer software version 4.3 or later. Altera FPGAView requires the appropriate JTAG probe for programming the Altera FPGA, either a First Silicon Solutions System Navigator probe, or Altera ByteBlaster or USB Blaster. It also requires the use of Altera Quartus II 5.1 or later for the Logic Analyzer Interface (LAI). Xilinx FPGAView requires a Xilinx Platform Cable USB programming cable and Xilinx ISE 8.2i or later.

FPGAVIEW software for MSO Series is available now. Pricing starts at $1,990 U.S. MSRP. FPGAView software is available directly from Tektronix and FS2.

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