Freescale MSBA8100 Baseband Accelerator Eliminates FPGAs

The MSBA8100, from Freescale Semiconductor, is the industry’s first multi-standard baseband accelerator device to support 3G-LTE. The MSBA8100 also supports the emerging wireless WiMAX, HSPA+ and TDD-LTE standards, enabling manufacturers of wireless infrastructure equipment to create substantially lower-cost, differentiated channel cards. The MSBA8100ADS development board will be available for early adopters based on acceptance into the Freescale alpha customer program. MSBA8100 device samples are expected to be available during the third quarter of 2008.

Eliminating the need to develop costly FPGA or custom ASIC devices, the baseband accelerator, together with Freescale’s MSC8144 quad core digital signal processor (DSP), provides a flexible solution for a range of base station designs. The Freescale technology is designed to enable OEMs to create wireless base station equipment delivering over 100Mbps data rates for low latency packets, at prices affordable enough to fuel mainstream deployment.

Freescale’s MSC8144 DSP combined with the advanced MSBA8100 accelerator maintains the same flexibility as a DSP-plus-FPGA solution — at lower cost and without the expense associated with specific adaptation of a standard product. Additional bill-of-materials savings may be realized because the solution eliminates the need for expensive dedicated devices at the midterm prototype design stage. The same DSP-plus-baseband accelerator combination can be used from prototyping through final system production.

Faster time-to-market plus cost-savings
The accelerator device is engineered to efficiently support the latest Turbo and Viterbi decoding standards, along with high throughput FFT and DFT algorithms required for legacy and emerging 3G-LTE, WiMAX and HSPA+ standards. This powerful and efficient combination can speed OEM time-to-market while delivering significant cost reductions when compared to solutions used in typical prototype systems today.

MSBA8100 for unified multi-standard and upgradeable base stations
The MSBA8100 enables OEMs to take full advantage of LTE and other emerging standard capabilities. Based on the advanced Multi-Accelerator-Platform-Engine for Baseband (MAPLE-B) technology developed by Freescale, the device is designed to accelerate Turbo and Viterbi decoding, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT), Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (IDFT) operations currently performed in FPGA or custom ASIC devices.

Development system simplifies implementation
For rapid system prototyping and development, an MSBA8100ADS development board is available from Freescale, facilitating advanced development of software. The board ships with the MSBA8100 device and the MSC8144 DSP interconnected via the on-board 4x serial RapidIO® switch, allowing real system-level design and development.

The MSBA8100 multi-standard baseband accelerator supports legacy 2G/3G technologies as well as the newest wireless standards. Freescale is the first semiconductor company offering a customized and off-the-shelf solution fully addressing these standards. Target applications include next-generation standalone or unified 3G-LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+ and TDD-LTE equipment, as well as products that support established radio standards.

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