FPGA Virtual Summit

The FPGA Virtual Summit will take place 10:00 AM EDT on March 18, 2010. The FPGA Virtual Summit features five webinars. The webcast sessions cover key topics for FPGA design engineers, system architects, and engineering decision makers. The online event includes an executive round table that will discuss the future of FPGAs.

FPGA Virtual Summit Webinars

  • DSP Applications: Improve your DSP designs with FPGAs
  • FPGA Design Tools: Get your FPGA designs to market faster
  • FPGAs in Communications: The Keys to Next-Generation Network Equipment
  • FPGA Verification: Do you see what I see?
  • Keynote: Executive Round Table: The Future of FPGAs

The FPGA Virtual Summit is ideal for engineers evaluating FPGAs or getting started with them. It will provide new insight and information for designers who are already working with FPGAs. Developers will learn how to select the right tools; implement a design quickly and efficiently; and avoid costly, time-consuming errors.

More info: FPGA Virtual Summit