Altera Stratix III Videos

Altera posted two new Stratix III videos on their site this week.

Compare Stratix III and Virtex-5 Core Power Consumption
Altera’s proprietary Programmable Power Technology enables the Stratix® III logic fabric to consume less core power than Virtex-5. See a side-by-side comparison and see how this is possible with Stratix III FPGAs.

Build up to 96-Port SGMII GigE With Stratix III FPGAs
Stratix III FPGAs support SGMII GigE operation on LVDS I/O pins at 1.25 Gbps. With Stratix III FPGAs, you can build communications systems requiring single or multiple (up to 96) Ethernet links quickly and simply while meeting jitter and tolerance requirements.

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