Eutecus Bi-i V401X-FP5500 Fusion Analytics Module Reference Design

Eutecus introduced the Bi-i V401X-FP5500 Fusion-Analytics Module Reference Design. The Eutecus’ Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE) is implemented on a single low-cost FPGA — the Spartan 3A DSP. The Bi-i V401X-FP5500 is ideal for image processing applications in the military, aerospace and homeland security. The video analytics is performed in real time on a fused video stream by Eutecus’ Multi-core Video Analytics Engine embedded in the Bi-i V401X Video Analytics subsystem.

Eutecus Bi-i V401X-FP5500 FA Module

Eutecus Bi-i V401X-FP5500 FA Module Features

  • Fused dual video stream increases performance and reliability over single-sensor solutions
  • Outstanding image quality in a wide range of visual conditions (day and night, inclement weather, object occlusion, etc.)
  • Stand-alone configurable multi-channel Video Analytics Engine on a single PCB
  • Stand-alone configurable multi-channel Video Fusion Engine on a single PCB
  • Fully configurable video analytics (VA) functions for specific application areas (missile defense, aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and 24-hour outdoor security monitoring)
  • High number of events detected fully in parallel
  • Available as reference design and in fully-functional FTS Evaluation Kit 2.0

The Fusion-Tracking System (FTS) Evaluation Kit 2.0 is a fully functional video fusion and analytics system consisting of the Bi-i V401X-FP-5500 Fusion-Analytics module, bundled with firmware and software for testing video analytics functions and performance of Eutecus’ MVE. FTS Evaluation Kit V2.0 enables users to investigate a wide range of functions, for rapid testing and prototyping, and provides MVE’s feature-based tracking capabilities, along with an easy to configure and use GUI. The FTS Evaluation Kit 2.0 also serves as a reference design for rapid customization and deployment of Bi-i V401X-FP5500 in new key applications areas.

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