SynaptiCAD Improves VeriLogger Extreme Verilog Simulator

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new version of VeriLogger Extreme, which is a Verilog simulator. For a limited time, SynaptiCAD will give away free “no strings attached” six-month licenses for VeriLogger Extreme. Free licenses will be available for both Linux and Windows versions of the simulator. Unlike the lower cost simulators typically provided with FPGA tools, SynaptiCAD’s simulator is being distributed without any code that slows down the simulator when run on larger designs.

SynaptiCAD VeriLogger Extreme Verilog simulator

The latest version of VeriLogger Extreme supports compiling source files to symbolic libraries. This enables faster compiles of designs that share a common set of source files such as ASIC/FPGA libraries. The new version of VeriLogger Extreme also performs gate-level and cycle-based optimizations for faster simulation times (5x faster on gate level designs, 6x faster on designs that use cycle-based coding practices).

SynaptiCAD VeriLogger Extreme Enhancements

  • Supports compiling source files to symbolic libraries
  • Five times faster on gate level designs
  • Six times faster on designs that use cycle-based coding practices
  • Reduced memory consumption during compilation and simulation
  • Faster design elaboration
  • Increased compatibility with 3rd party simulator language-extensions
  • Supports more Verilog 2005 features

A perpetual node-locked license for the VeriLogger Command-Line simulator sells for $2000 on Windows. Floating licenses sell for $4000 on Windows and $5000 on Unix. SynaptiCAD also sells a node-locked bundled version of the simulator combined with the BugHunter graphical debugger for $4000 on Windows. Lease pricing is also available.

More info: SynaptiCAD