Altera Demonstrates 25-Gbps Transceivers in Programmable Logic

Altera became the first company to demonstrate 25-Gbps transceiver performance in programmable logic. Altera achieved this with their 28nm transceiver test chip, which is a prototyping platform that Altera is using to deploy 28-Gbps transceivers on 28nm FPGAs. The 25-Gbps more than doubles the transceiver performance in currently available FPGA solutions.

Altera's demonstration board with 28nm transceiver test chip

Altera’s 28-nm transceiver test chip provides insight into how high-performance transceiver designs behave on TSMC’s leading-edge 28nm high-performance (HP) process. Results of the test chip enable Altera to develop and apply optimization techniques for power, jitter and link performance in the production tape-out of Stratix V FPGAs featuring 28-Gbps transceivers.

Altera’s Stratix V FPGAs are architected to serve markets that require very high performance at fixed cost and power budgets, such as military communications, optical transmission networks and emerging test equipment systems.

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