InPA Systems Develops Active Debug Technology for Rapid Prototyping

InPA Systems, Inc. is officially being launched today. The company was formed to develop and market FPGA-based rapid prototyping technology to engineers. The company integrates RTL simulation, hardware and software debug environments, provides an Active Debug methodology and enables full visibility into the multi-FPGA prototype to compress the time it takes to debug SoC designs. InPA Systems’ patent pending Active Debug feature full visibility technology to better detect hardware faults and reduce the FPGA P&R iterations associated with the debug cycle for next-generation complex SoCs.

InPA’s Active Debug technology enables engineers visibility and control of the verification and validation process when integrating software and hardware onto SoC designs, a major technological leap in reducing today’s highly iterative process of “blind” or passive probing required when using current prototyping debug methods.

The key to InPA Systems’ next generation rapid prototyping debug product is its Active Debug including full visibility technology. For the first time, users gain control when running the design, at speed, in the validation process, allowing them to capture complex scenarios in the FPGAs and analyze system faults with full signal visibility. Current passive debug technology requires a highly iterative and mostly, blind process that requires the user to continually guess where system faults might be located on the SoC. The primary benefit of Active Debug including full visibility technology is that it compresses the time it takes to integrate hardware and software and to debug SoC designs.

InPA Systems was founded in October 2007 by two longtime EDA entrepreneurs: Thomas Huang, who is chairman and CTO; and Michael Chang, who is president and CEO. Both Huang and Chang have founded a number of startups and have expertise in logic emulation, rapid prototyping and verification to InPA. They hold ten patents in the areas of logic emulation and equivalence checking.

InPA Systems is privately funded. Board advisors include Bernie Aronson, former CEO or president of companies such as Kilopass, Synplicity and Epic; and Michel Courtoy, former CEO at Certess; Sean Torsney, former VP of marketing and sales at Verplex and currently VP marketing and sales at VisualOn; and Kazuyuki Kawauchi, held senior management positions at Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited in Japan and at Fujitsu Microelectronics America and is currently president of D2S KK.

More information: InPA Systems