National Semiconductor WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect

National Semiconductor announced the WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect design tool for modeling and optimizing power supplies for FPGAs in minutes. WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect features the detailed supply requirements of over 130 FPGA devices from Altera and Xilinx. With FPGA Power Architect, engineers select a FPGA from Altera or Xilinx and the tool automatically populates the unique power requirements, identifying core and I/O options for every potential load of that array. Once tuned by the designer, the tool collects all the loads and creates multiple power supply architectures as options for driving the FPGA and the total system.

National Semiconductor WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect design tool

WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect Highlights

  • Family Overview
    General specifications for FPGA Series: I/O banks, PLL, and Transceivers

  • Power Requirements
    Highlights of special details included in the vendor specifications: Power on Reset, Sequencing, etc.

  • Transceiver Documentation
    Covers specific requirements for ripple, noise, or isolation specs

  • FPGA Datasheet
    Final say on recommended operating conditions for the selected FPGA

  • Pin Connection Guidelines and Literature (App Notes)
    Critical advice included here

More information: National Semiconductor WEBENCH Power Architect