SiliconBlue Technologies iCE65L01 mobileFPGA Device

SiliconBlue Technologies introduced the iCE65L01 mobileFPGA device. The iCE65L01 mobileFPGA device offers the benefits of programmability and time-to-market to handheld, mobile product designers. The ASIC-like cost, high logic capacity, ultra-low power, and advanced-package technology of the iCE65 devices provides the scalability required for designers to implement features that differentiate their products. The iCE65L01 features 1,280 logic cells and up to 93 user I/O pins.

What is the iCE65L01 mobileFPGA?
The iCE65L01 is the latest member of the iCE65 mobileFPGA family. SiliconBlue’s mobileFPGA device provides programmable, ultra-low power, high logic-capacity alternative to fixed function ASSPs and small ASICs. iCE65 ultra low-power mobileFPGA is a programmable logic solution for consumer, battery-based applications such as smart phones, eBooks/ePaper, netbooks, digital picture frames, mobile internet devices, portable media players, hand-held POS, medical instruments, digital still cameras, and flash camcorders.

What’s the big deal?
The iCE65L01 mobileFPGA combines the reprogramming flexibility benefit of FPGAs with the low cost, low power, and single-chip benefits of ASICs. Today’s new battery-operated handheld products often require a programmable logic device to implement functions that may have been supported by application-specific standard products (ASSPs) or ASICs in the past. iCE65 FPGAs offer the “best of both worlds” solution for handheld consumer system designers.

How much does iCE65L01 cost?
The iCE65L01 mobileFPGA device is available now in three packages: VQ100, CB132, and QN84. Engineers can design with the new product/package combinations using the iCEcube VHDL/Verilog-based development software. Unit price for the iCE65L01 in the QN84 package is $0.99 for 1M units in annual volume production consumption. ES samples and software support are available now.

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