Actel SmartFusion Evaluation and Development Kits

Actel introduced development tools for the SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. The development environment includes the Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) v9.0 with Synplify Pro and Identify from Synopsys, ModelSim from Mentor Graphics, and SoftConsole v3.1, Keil and IAR Systems software IDEs, plus access to leading RTOS and middleware from Micrium. The SmartFusion Evaluation Kit is available now for $99. The SmartFusion Development Kit is available now for $999.

SmartFusion Evaluation Kits are now available. The platform supports Keil, IAR Systems and Micrium. It has the capability to add on daughter cards for vertical applications such as power management. Moving forward, Actel will continue to engage with additional ecosystem suppliers to broaden the portfolio for SmartFusion designers. In addition, the SmartFusion Development Kit is also now available for designers in need of increased off-chip memory, enhanced analog features and additional interfaces such as CAN, RS-485, and EtherCAT.

Actel’s Libero IDE v9.0 offers a full-featured FPGA design flow, while SoftConsole v3.1, Actel’s Eclipse-based software IDE with GNU compiler and debugger, enables the rapid production of C and C++ executables for the microcontroller subsystem (MSS). A key feature of the design flow is the MSS configurator that enables configuration of the Cortex-M3 processor, hard peripherals and programmable analog, and can be used as either part of the FPGA flow or standalone in the embedded design flow.

The MSS configurator not only allows for analog configuration but automatically generates a memory map for any peripherals added in the FPGA fabric, generates all firmware drivers and delivers sample code for each device peripheral. It creates a bridge between the FPGA and embedded design and enabling device configuration to be easily shared among members of the design team.

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