Acromag Introduces APCe8670 PMC Module Carrier Card

Acromag APCe8670 PMC module Carrier Card with PCI Express Bus Interface

The Acromag APCe8670 carrier card features a PCI Express bus interface for PC-based embedded systems. Acromag’s FPGA modules or other PMC modules can be plugged into the PMC module carrier card to perform a variety of signal processing functions. With the APCe8670, system designers can use a wide range of available PMC FPGA and I/O modules when developing advanced computing systems on a PC platform with a PCI express bus. Prices start at $750 for the Acromag APCe8670.

Acromag APCe8670 PMC module Carrier Card block diagram

Acromag APCe8670 PMC Module Carrier Card Features

  • PMC module slot
  • 4-lane PCI Express interface
  • PCI-X interface supports 32/64-bit addressing, 32/64-bit data bus at up to 100MHz operation
  • Carrier routes 32 differential pairs to rear connector for LVDS I/O from the PMC module
  • JTAG connector supports Xilinx programmer for use with hosted FPGA modules
  • Cooling fan
  • Auxilliary power connection for 12V source
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate communication speed

The carrier’s PCIe x4 interface supports up to four serial lanes for rapid data transfer. A bridge chip handles the PCI-X to PCIe conversion between the plug-in PMC module and the host computer.

Three PMC PCI-X bus sockets interface through a bridge to the carrier’s PCIe x4 edge connector. The other PMC socket routes 32 LVDS I/O to a rear SCSI port for board-to-board communication.

An integrated fan provides a constant airflow across the PMC module since most PCs cannot provide sufficient cooling to dissipate heat generated by large FPGA devices. The carrier card is also ready for conduction cooling with a thermal frame.

The APCe8670 is ideal for high-performance industrial and scientific research computing systems. They are also useful to test advanced systems for defense and aerospace applications that will be deployed later on rugged embedded computer platforms such as VME, VPX, or CompactPCI.

More info: Acromag APCe8670 PCI Express Carrier Card for PMC Modules (pdf)