DO-254 Platform by Aldec, HighRely, Actel, Altera, and Xilinx

Aldec and HighRely teamed together to create a certifiable DO-254 platform. The DO-254 solution covers the entire front-end and back-end of DO-254 compliance requirements for any DO-254 program that requires in hardware programmable logic validation. The DO-254 solution features HighRely’s JumpCert-254 integrated with Aldec’s tools. The platform is supported by the three largest programmable logic device vendors: Actel, Altera, and Xilinx.

HighRely-Aldec DO-254 Platform

  • Covers the front-end and back-end requirements for DO-254 compliance
  • Aldec DO-254/CTS (Compliance Tool Set) automated testing environment
    • Mother Board drives all the test vectors into the target FPGA located in the Daughter Board
    • Customized Daughter Board is fully customized specific to the design under test
  • HighRely JumpCert-254 Solution
    • Dedicated DO-254 RelyTRACE traceability tool
    • RelyCHECK DO-254 processes/checklists
    • DO-254 training services
    • Gap analysis
    • DER certification support
  • Supported by Actel, Altera and Xilinx

More information: Aldec | HighRely