Lattice Semiconductor Releases New Versions of Diamond and iCEcube2 Design Tools

Lattice Diamond design tool ~ Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the latest versions of Lattice Diamond and iCEcube2 design tools. The new versions improve power calculations and design productivity for the creation of mobile and consumer, communication, and industrial systems that undergo fast design cycles, demand power efficiency, and have aggressive cost constraints.

Lattice Diamond 2.1 Features

  • Updated Diamond Power Calculator contains a matrix that displays the power consumption of each block and each power supply
  • Detailed power analysis for multiple design implementations can now be easily compared side by side in a new chart
  • New algorithms further speed timing closure for multipass runs
  • Dynamic fine tuning of the netlist during placement to meet the characteristics of the device
  • Timing reports now include enhanced information on unconstrained timing paths
  • Accelerates the analysis of design constraints and timing results
  • Hierarchy view is now automatically available alongside the File List and Process views
  • Reveal debugger now supports debug insertion into a mixed language design at the HDL level
  • Simulation Wizard has new options that allow users unfamiliar with simulators to easily start simulations and trace signals
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems

New iCEcube2 Software Features

  • Includes improvements that increase accuracy
  • Final timing and power data that enable design analysis under worst case as well as typical conditions
  • Updated data reflect wider temperature ranges to support both commercial and industrial devices
  • Power estimator has improved data and algorithms that increase the accuracy of dynamic and static power calculations
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems

More info: Lattice Semiconductor Corporation