GateRocket RocketDrive Wins Awards

GateRocket received two honors for their RocketDrive Device Native(tm) verification and debug solution: (1) EDN Top 100 products and (2) Electronic Design’s Best Electronic Design award. RocketDrive is a practical and economical solution for FPGA verification and debugging.

RocketDrive is powered by the speed of hardware with the accuracy of the true chip behavior. RocketDrive offers the ability to exhaustively validate and test an FPGA design before committing to production, enabling shorter product development times, higher product quality, and improved ability to meet or exceed the requirements of today’s demanding marketplace.

GateRocket’s solution allows the verification engineer to place any portions or all of the FPGA design into the RocketDrive and automatically integrates it into their existing simulation environment. This allows the FPGA to be used natively to (1) speed verification by replacing FPGA models with actual hardware, (2) investigate hardware bugs and test alternatives, and (3) run application level software against a Device Native representation of the design.

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