Pentek Cobalt Virtex-6 Family for CompactPCI System Designs

Pentek’s Cobalt board family is now available for use in CompactPCI (cPCI) systems. The Cobalt boards feature a customizable Virtex-6 FPGA for on-board signal processing, dedicated DMA channels and memory buffers for each I/O stream, and multi-channel, multi-board synchronization. The Pentek Cobalt cPCI module family is available now with prices starting at $11,600 USD with 8 weeks ARO.

Pentek Cobalt board family for CompactPCI Highlights

  • Virtex-6 FPGA devices can be utilized for on-board signal processing to reduce data transfer rates across the backplane
  • All software and FPGA development tools for the Cobalt family are immediately available to support cPCI designs
  • A/D and D/A rates from 10 MHz to 1 GHz
  • 3U cPCI carriers (73xxx) include a Cobalt XMC module
  • 6U cPCI carriers (72xxx) feature one XMC installed
  • 6U cPCI carriers (74xxx) contain two identical Cobalt XMC modules
  • Custom configurations mixing XMC module types on a 6U carrier are possible
  • Bridge chip handles mapping of the Cobalt module’s serial PCIe interface to the parallel PCI bus
  • Options available for providing LVDS to the cPCI J2 (3U cPCI) or J3 and J5 (6U cPCI) connectors for application-specific custom I/O

Cobalt Family for cPCI Systems

  • 1 GHz A/D and 1 GHz D/A (Model xx630)
  • 2 Channel 500 MHz A/D, DUC and 2 Channel 800 MHz D/A (Model xx650)
  • 3 Channel 200 MHz A/D, DUC and 2 Channel 800 MHz D/A (Model xx620)
  • 3 Channel 200 MHz A/D, DDC, DUC and 2 Channel 800 MHz D/A (Model xx621)
  • 4 Channel 200 MHz 16-bit A/D (Model xx660)
  • 4 Channel 200 MHz A/D and Quad DDCs with Beamforming IP (Model xx661)
  • L-Band RF (925-2175 MHz) Tuner with 2 Channel 200 MHz A/D (Model xx690)

More info: Pentek