VMETRO FusionXF FPGA Development Kit

The FusionXF FPGA development kit, from VMETRO, is is targeted at reducing the design time and optimizing the performance of complex FPGA and PowerPC processing systems. It aids designers in the development of their FPGA algorithms and logic for VMETRO’s customer programmable FPGA products. FusionXF is ideal for large embedded real-time DSP system designs where there is a need to integrate and move data between multiple distributed FPGAs and processors. FusionXF is currently supported on all new VMETRO processing hosts and FPGA boards, including M6000, VPF2, HPE640, HPE720, FPE650 and AD1500/3000.

FusionXF Structure & Building Blocks

FusionXF FPGA Development Kit Features

  • Automatic discovery and configuration of FPGA resources
  • Extensive HDL libraries optimized for high performance FPGA processing and streaming data applications
  • Standard, easy to use, software API
  • Full source code provided for software, VHDL libraries and examples
  • Greatly reduces system design time
  • Allows designers to focus on key applications
  • Standardized across all VMETRO products for easy migration and upgrade path
  • Standardized tool chain with familiar, industry standard tools

FusionXF includes FPGA HDL functions, software APIs, drivers, utilities, example designs, and documentation to simplify the task of integrating FPGAs into an embedded real-time DSP system design. It provides the building blocks to build a fully functional FPGA design that a customer can easily integrate their FPGA algorithms and logic into. In addition, FusionXF enables the control and utilization of FPGA resources from PowerPC processors and efficient data streaming within a single FPGA and between processors and FPGAs in a system. With the core functionality and glue logic to create a fully functional FPGA design provided by FusionXF, valuable project time can be spent implementing application specific functionality, e.g., optimizing computational algorithms.

Developers can integrate the VMETRO developed FusionXF functions directly into their application or modify the HDL and software libraries, drivers, and example designs to fit their unique need. FusionXF is designed to consume minimum FPGA logic and resources. Only the HDL functions required by the customer’s application need to be included in an FPGA design leaving the maximum amount of FPGA resources available for the user’s algorithms and logic.

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