Forte Cynthesizer High-level Synthesis Supports IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC

Forte Design Systems Cynthesizer v4.3 high-level synthesis (HLS)

Forte Design Systems launched version 4.3 of Cynthesizer high-level synthesis. Cynthesizer is the first HLS software to support IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC. The company began implementing the new SystemC language standard as soon as the language reference manual was available to ensure engineers had the most up-to-date and advanced language and tools possible. Cynthesizer 4.3 is available now.

Cynthesizer v4.3 supports the new SystemC syntax for asynchronous resets. The new language support for reset semantics in SC_THREADs enables hardware designers to implement synthesizable designs using the same process construct commonly used for transaction-level system modeling. This results in improved interoperability between models used for implementation, system modeling and hardware/software co-design.

In addition to these synthesis-related benefits, use of IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC gives Cynthesizer users access to process control extensions for modeling embedded software systems, the integrated TLM-2.0 library and features for pausing and restarting simulation.

Approved by the IEEE in February 2012, the upgraded language standard adds features for high-level synthesis and high-level system modeling. The first simulation library implementation was released in open-source by the Accellera Systems Initiative in July 2012.

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