The FM577, from 4DSP, is a low-cost, low-power 65nm FPGA-based PMC board. The architecture is based on dual Altera Cyclone III FPGA devices. The FM577 offers high-functionality without compromising the performance or the ease of design. The board also features high-density DDR2 SDRAM memory devices for memory-intensive algorithms. The FM577 can operate in thermally challenged environments. It is suitable for automotive, consumer, display, industrial, military, video/image processing, and wireless markets. Available off the shelf, the FM577′s comes with a free board support package that helps developers to start designing applications immediately.

4DSP FM577 Cyclone III PMC Board

The FM577 features the high density Cyclone III FPGA EP3C120 for data acquisition and processing and the EP3C40 for communication interfaces. Both FPGA devices offer a total of 160K logic elements; 400 plus 18-bit embedded multipliers at 260MHz and up to 5-Mbits of on-chip SRAM. With up to 4GBytes of DDR2 SDRAM available on board, the FM577 is ideal for demanding image processing applications.

Typical Applications

  • Real-time DSP functions (e.g. Floating Point FFT, FIR, Polyphase filterbanks, DDC, etc)
  • Video frame grabber and compression algorithm( JPEG, MPEG, etc)
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Radar Signal Processing (Doppler filter, Pulse compression, CFAR)
  • Vector processing
  • Timing generation
  • Embedded processors
  • ASIC prototyping

More info: 4DSP FM577 Cyclone III PMC (pdf)