MotionFire Motor Control Platform

The FPGA-based MotionFire motor-control development platform enables engineers to quickly and cost-effectively design, prototype, and test motor applications used in a variety of industrial, automotive, medical, instrumentation, and consumer electronics equipment. MotionFire, which was launched in Europe last year, is now available in North America.

FPGA-based MotionFire motor-control development platform

The MotionFire development platform is based on Altera’s Cyclone III FPGA. It offers a flexible and power-saving motor-control environment that supports and bridges multiple industrial networking protocols and mitigates obsolescence risk. MotionFire consists of the FireFighter FPGA-based communication baseboard and the FireDriver motor driver power modules. The platform supports state-of-the-art motor-control algorithms and communications IP, and can be used to control various motor types, including stepper, servo, and AC and DC motors, demonstrating the value FPGAs provide in multi-axis motor-control applications.

MotionFire Features

  • Nios-II based reference design, in full source
  • Advanced regulators implemented in hardware, VHDL source provided
  • Generic current, speed and position regulators with feedback from incremental encoder or hall sensors
  • Trajectory generator with linear acceleration and velocity feed-forward, implemented in software
  • Generic 4-phase drivers providing up to 10A per channel at a DC-bus voltage of 50VDC
  • Up to six FireDriver units can be used wich gives 24 phases or up to 12 motors
  • Synchronized ADC sampling on all phases within the same PWM cycle
  • Galvanic isolation on each of the six FireDriver units
  • Monitoring each FireDriver units bus voltage and driver temperature
  • Main board based on Altera Cyclone-III EP3C40F484 low power 65nm FPGA
  • 2 x CAN, 2 x RS232/RS485 interface implemented
  • Dual role Ethernet, stand alone MAC+PHY or PHYs with MII interface directly to FPGA
  • 16Mbit config flash, 16Mbit dataflash for code storage, 256Mbit DDR2 SDRAM
  • 40 protected user I/O, 14 leds and expansion connector for external I/F modules
  • Zero jumper strategy, MagicConfig housekeeper

More info: MotionFire Motor Control Platform