Dillon Fast Fourier Transform IP for Sundance SMT702 Embedded Module

Sundance has partnered with Dillon Engineering on a joint solution for the fixed width and floating point FFT FPGA market. The solution makes available Dillon’s benchmark portfolio of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) IP on the Sundance SMT702 dual ADC, PXIe embedded computing module. By combining Dillon’s cores with Sundance leadership in modular FPGA design, developers have access to a uniquely configurable, cost effective and high performance embedded solution.

Area efficient, Dillon’s FFT cores occupy fewer FPGA logic resources in terms of XtremeDSP slices and BRAMs than comparable off-the-shelf FFT cores. Dillon’s IEEE-754 Floating-point FFT core sustains a rate up to 250Msps to deliver a 36 percent faster performance versus comparable cores. By offering a FFT length up to 64M points, Dillon’s core sets the industry benchmark.

The joint solution is supported by design support from the 3L Diamond multiprocessor tool suite and a bit-accurate and MATLAB compatible C/C++ model, testbench, datasets and data generators. Dillon’s FFT cores are initially available on the Sundance SMT702 module. They include pipelined for continuous processing; parallel and dual parallel for concurrent processing and extreme performance of over 25Gsps; ultralong using the SMT702s external DDR2 SDRAM for long transforms up to 64M points; parallel butterfly; mixed radix; and 2D/3D multi-dimensional FFT processing.

The SMT702 is fitted with the fastest Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T-3 FPGA and delivers data rates of up to 250Msps and up to 64M points IEEE-754 single precision FFT. Optimized for high-performance logic with low-power serial connectivity, the FPGA is supported by 2 banks of 64-bit 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM and dual 3GHz ADC that can be combined to deliver 6 Gsps. 8-lanes of PXI Express deliver 16Gb/s of effective bandwidth per direction and the module can plug in to any PXI Express peripheral slot or any PXI Express hybrid slot.

Dillon Engineering’s pipelined floating-point FFT uses modular Radix-2 FFT architecture to provide discrete transform on data frames or continuous data streams, with sample rates up to the maximum clock frequency. This efficient structure employs a single butterfly and single delay feedback path per rank for low localized memory usage. True IEEE-754 floating-point data is maintained throughout, supporting a large dynamic range of data without requiring complicated fixed-point analysis.

The SMT702 is immediately available with a number of different Dillon FFT IP options. Prices subject to FFT core and configuration.

More info: Sundance | Dillon Engineering