CAST R8051XC2 Configurable, 8051 Microcontroller IP Core

CAST, Inc. rolled out the R8051XC2 IP core. The latest 8051-compatible processor runs over twelve times faster than the original 8051 chip. According to CAST, the R8051XC2 may be the fastest 8-bit 8051 IP available anywhere. The core was developed by Evatronix for ASIC or FPGA system-on-chip designs. The royalty-free IP is available now.

The R8051XC2 IP core has a single-clock architecture that uses an average of 2.12 cycles per instruction. This results in reduced power consumption. The core uses fewer cycles for the same operation and makes a 90nm ASIC implementation of the new core 10% more efficient than CAST’s previously best 8051.

CAST R8051XC2 High-Performance, Configurable, 8-bit Microcontroller Core

R8051XC2 IP core Features

  • Fully compatible with the MCS 51 instruction set
  • Single clock per cycle and efficient architecture for up to 12.1 times the performance of original 8051
  • Fewer machine cycles means lower average power usage in most applications
  • Extensive set of optional features and peripherals: choose configurable or less-expensive fixed versions
  • EASE Debugging option: On-Chip Debug Support (OCDS) block that interfaces through IEEE1149.1 (JTAG) port; external debugging pod with JTAG and USB; and debugging software with interface to Keil C51 tools

The new core is highly configurable, with variations covering the 8051 spectrum from full-featured processors with multiple peripherals to streamlined controllers doing specific jobs. Engineers can purchase the fully-configurable version to cover all their 8051 needs, prepackaged versions that mimic off-the-shelf chips, or a custom set of features and capabilities for their specific requirements. Full MCS51 instruction set compatibility, a native on-chip debugging option, and support by Keil’s C51 development tools ensure quick and successful R8051XC2 system development.

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