ClearSignal-Accel Broadcasting Accelerator

ClearSignal-Accel, by EtherWaves, is a digital radio product that enables ODM and OEM to add multi-standard DAB/DAB+/DMB receiver capability to consumerelectronic devices (such as Internet Radios or MP3 players). It helps manufactures of multimedia processors deliver feature-rich complete Digital radio solutions. ClearSignal-Accel supports multi-broadcasting standards (DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, and DRM).

The accelerator consists of software and a low-cost off-the-shelf FPGA. The software is designed to be easily ported to the client’s existing processor, such as a DSP or ARM, or to a multimedia processor while consuming a minimal amount of resources.

By adding only an FPGA to the existing system processor, ClearSignal-Accel enables designers to enjoy the advantages of soft defined radio without having to use a new processor. This is achieve through the intelligent distribution of tasks between the software and FPGA for minimizing the size of the FPGA needed and the transfer rate between the FPGA and the processor.

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