Synfora Partners with Xilinx

Synfora, Inc. has joined the Xilinx ESL Initiative. Joining the Xilinx ESL Initiative gives Xilinx Inc. and Synfora the ability to build a product that can synthesize efficient, multi-block pipelines from an ANSI C algorithms targeting Xilinx advanced FPGAs, such as low-cost Spartan-3 and 65nm Virtex-5 FPGA families. Synfora is developing FPGA-specific algorithmic synthesis technology to take full advantage of Xilinx’ world leading FPGA architectures, including the interface, DSP blocks, block RAM and other key system enabling functions embedded in the FPGA fabric.

Synfora’s PICO platform solution for FPGA will enable designers to synthesize complex, multi-block pipelines from a single algorithm without having to perform any form of post-synthesis assembly, therefore more powerful design exploration and optimization can be applied to the final hardware.

More info: Xilinx ESL Initiative | Synfora