Altera Cyclone IV FPGA Devices in Volume Production

Altera has begun production shipment of Cyclone IV FPGA devices. Altera’s Cyclone IV FPGAs are designed for cost-sensitive, small form-factor applications in the wireless, wireline, broadcast, industrial and consumer markets. The smallest Cyclone IV devices, the EP4CE6 and the EP4CGX15, are priced as low as $3 and $6 respectively for 250K unit quantities.

Altera’s Cyclone IV FPGAs feature low cost and lower power (25% lower than previous generation of Cyclone FPGAs). Cyclone IV FPGA devices are ideal for high-volume, low-cost serial protocol applications. Cyclone IV GX devices support mainstream serial protocols and offer designers a rich supply of logic, memory, and I/O capabilities.

Engineers can start prototyping with the Cyclone IV GX-based Transceiver Starter Kit. The transceiver starter kit features an EP4CGX15 FPGA with 15K logic elements, 540 Kbits of RAM ,and two integrated 2.5-Gbps transceivers. The Cyclone IV GX-based Transceiver Starter Kit is priced at $395. It includes all the hardware, software, design examples and documentation necessary to easily develop an FPGA design for cost-sensitive applications.

The Cyclone IV GX kit enables designers to measure the FPGA’s low power consumption, test the signal quality of the FPGA transceivers, and develop and test PCI Express 1.0 endpoint designs by using Altera’s PCI Express hard intellectual property (IP). In addition, the kit can be used with the Quartus II Web Edition design software where no license is required.

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