Altera Stratix IV GT and Arria II GX FPGA Families

Altera introduced their new Stratix IV GT and Arria II GX 40-nm FPGA families. The Arria II GX and Stratix IV GT utilize common transceiver technology and are supported by a common set of development tools that enable system designers to develop full system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. This portfolio delivers both FPGA solutions from 16K logic elements (LEs) to 530K LEs, and HardCopy ASIC solutions of up to 11.5 million ASIC gates. Stratix IV GT devices are shipping now. The first Arria II GX device, the EP2AGX125, will ship in May 2009 with production devices scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2009. Budgetary pricing for the smallest device, the EP2AGX20, will start as low as $15 for 100K unit quantities in 2010.

The Stratix IV GT device are the highest performing FPGAs available. Stratix IV GT FPGAs are also the industry’s first FPGAs to include integrated transceivers operating at 11.3 Gbps. The architecture is optimized specifically for 40G and 100G applications such as communications systems, high-end test equipment, and military communications systems. Stratix IV GT FPGAs have 24 transceivers operating at 11.3 Gbps, and an additional 24 transceivers operating at 6.5 Gbps, to deliver the industry’s highest bandwidth available. The Stratix IV GT devices also offer up to 530K LEs, 20.3-Mbits internal RAM and 1,288 18 x 18 multipliers.

Arria II GX devices are the lowest power 3.75 Gbps transceiver FPGAs and are cost optimized for applications using mainstream protocols — such as PCI Express (PCIe) and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). They feature up to 16 3.75-Gbps transceivers, 256K LEs, and 8.5 Mbits of internal RAM. In addition, the Arria II GX FPGAs also support targeted protocols such as CPRI for LTE and WiMAX wireless infrastructure access equipment, GPON and XAUI for wireline infrastructure access and networking equipment, and triple-speed SDI for broadcast and other video processing equipment.

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