Altera Stratix II FPGAs Power Electronic Warfare System

EONIC B.V. selected Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) Stratix® II FPGAs for the SR-5124 converged multi-channel signals acquisition system. Used as a signal receiver in electronic warfare systems, the SR-5124 leverages the high-performance architecture of the Stratix II FPGA to provide advanced digital signal processing capabilities while using minimal power. The U.S. Navy and the German Ministry of Defense uses the SR-5124 for their next-generation electronic warfare systems.

The SR-5124 is a full-featured SIGINT (signals intelligence) recorder, which stores both ELINT (electronic intelligence) and COMINT (communications intelligence) signals. Stratix II FPGAs are a proven solution in electronic warfare systems, offering reliability, flexibility, digital signal processing and low latency. Using Altera’s high-performance FPGAs, the SR-5124 is able to detect, monitor, record and analyze a combination of video, radio, satellite communication and radar signals simultaneously and synchronously.

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