Darnaw1 FPGA Module

Darnaw1 is a Spartan(TM)-3E FPGA module from Enterpoint. The module enables the use of FPGA technology in industrial and military sectors where the volume or assembly technology available precludes the use of BGA packaged FPGA devices. Encapsulating all the elements to support operation of the FPGA, the module has a simple to solder PGA pinout and operates with a single 3.3V power supply.

The Darnaw1 module has a Spartan(TM)-3E FPGA with either 1.2 million or 1.6 million gate logic capability. The on-module FPGA is backed up by local SDRAM, oscillator, power regulators, and serial flash support devices. Applications for the module include microprocessor replacement, high speed DSP processing, dual port memory, FIFOs, switch matrices, and other large capacity general logic functions.

The large I/O count and logic capability of Darnaw1 makes it a versatile module for the industrial designer. It has the capability to replace hundreds of 22V10 type devices and can absorb many other elements of an industrial design into one compact module all in a cost effective manner.

Darnaw1 FPGA module


  • DW1-1200EC-128M-16M (XC3S1200E (C GRADE), 128M SDRAM, 16Mbit SPI Flash) is £70, US$140, 110€ at 1 off
  • DW1-1200EI-128M-16M (XC3S1200E (I GRADE), 128M SDRAM, 16Mbit SPI Flash) is £110, US$220, 165€ at 1 off
  • DW1-1600EC-128M-16M (XC3S1600E (C GRADE), 128M SDRAM, 16Mbit SPI Flash) is £100, US$200, 150€ at 1 off

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