Actel Fusion PSC Becomes More Accurate

Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced an enhanced software-based calibration capability for its mixed-signal Fusion programmable system chips (PSCs). The new capability will result in lower system power and higher accuracy for intelligent system management and industrial control applications. With analog-to-digital converter (ADC) accuracy as high as 0.53%, the new Fusion PSC calibration intellectual property (IP) solution eliminates the additional discrete ADCs and pre-scalers often required to achieve this level of accuracy. Combined with the integration benefits offered by innovative mixed-signal Fusion PSCs, the easy-to-use calibration option offers customers greater accuracy, lower system power, reduced design complexity, flexibility and more features than those offered by most discrete solutions.

The mixed-signal Actel Fusion PSC includes unique calibration coefficients preloaded into the device. For customers who require accuracy levels better than one percent, the new two-point calibration scheme leverages several unique features available in the Fusion PSC. The programmable logic and the analog quad measure the offset and gain coefficients. The embedded flash memory blocks store offset and gain coefficients during test. The soft calibration IP core made of logic gates accesses the coefficients and applies them to the measurements in real time to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Utilizing the appropriate pre-scaler range for a specific monitored voltage, designers leveraging Fusion PSCs can achieve accuracy levels better than one percent. For example, when using the 16-Volt pre-scaler range to monitor a 12-Volt input, the ADC accuracy would be 1.47% without calibration versus 0.53% with calibration.

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