siXis SXM100 and SXM220 Modules, SXM100DB Development Board

siXis introduced the SXM100 module, SXM220 module, and the SXM100 Development Board. The SXM100 and SXM220 modules feature siXis’ patent-pending SiCB technology, which combines bare-die and passive components on large-area silicon substrates. The company also offers custom variations including different CPUs, FPGAs, memory, and oscillators. The SXM100 Embedded Computing Module and SXM100 Development Board engineering samples are available with a delivery of eight to ten weeks ARO. Engineering samples of the SXM220 Embedded Computing Module will be available starting in June 2010.

siXis SXM100DB Development Board - Evaluation Tool for SXM100 Embedded Computing ModuleSXM100DB Development Board
The SXM100DB Development Board supports industry standard interfaces for networking, video, and system configuration to support evaluation of the SXM100 module. Bitstreams for Linux, a web server and simple image are also supported.

SXM100DB Development Board Features

  • SXM100 Embedded Computing Module
  • JTAG interface
  • DVI output
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • RS-232 serial port
  • Compact flash
  • 2 SerDes lanes at 3.125 GHz each

SXM100 Embedded Computing Module
The SXM100 enhances a Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VLX220T FPGA by integrating dual 1Gbit DDR2 memories, bypassed power distribution, and local oscillators in the same footprint as the FPGA. The SXM100 Development Board is an evaluation tool for the SXM100. It supports industry standard interfaces for networking, video, and system configuration and allows customers to evaluate the architecture of the SXM100.

SXM100 Embedded Computing Module Features

  • Xilinx SCSVLX220T FPGA
  • 2 Gbits DDR2 memory
  • 42.5 x 42.5 x 3.5 mm package
  • Integrated clock source and distribution
  • DVI interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Compact Flash interface

SXM220 Embedded Computing Module
The SXM220 significantly increases memory bandwidth and reduces power consumption by integrating an Altera Stratix IV FPGA and 8 Gbits of DDR3 memory, two local oscillators, and bypassed power distribution.

SXM220 Embedded Computing Module Features

  • Altera EP45GX23OK FPGA (bare die)
  • 8 Gbits 500 MHz DDR3 memory
  • On-board bypass capacitors
  • 2 oscillators
  • 50 x 50 x 3.5 mm package

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