EMA Design Automation OrCAD-Aldec FPGA Bundles

EMA Design Automation announced the OrCAD/Aldec FPGA Bundles. The FPGA design and simulation bundle for OrCAD is a complete flow for PCB and FPGA design. The FPGA bundles enable Cadence OrCAD users to add FPGA design and simulation capabilities from Aldec. Prices for the bundles start at $1,756. Aldec Active-HDL tools provide high performance, mixed-language FPGA design and simulation that operates at a minimum of twice the speed of FPGA vendor tools.

EMA Design Automation OrCAD/Aldec FPGA Bundles

OrCAD/Aldec FPGA Bundle Highlights

  • Full flow for PCB and FPGA design
  • Vendor independent FPGA design and simulation at vendor prices
  • Ensures communication and interoperability between PCB and FPGA teams
  • Reduce cycle times using proven OrCAD, Aldec, and EMA technology
  • Scalable solution that grows with your design needs

The OrCAD/Aldec FPGA Bundles provide the tools needed to handle the increasing complexity of FPGA development. The FPGA tool bundles are scalable vendor independent platforms to accommodate the complex mixed language FPGA verification tasks. In addition, the Aldec simulator provides a significant speed increase over vendor supplied offerings and contains no limitations on design size.

More info: EMA Design Automation