Cornell University Microcontrollers Projects

Checkout the ten latest projects completed by students at Cornell University. Students were given the responsibility of choosing their ECE 5760 project, then designing and building it. Projects were built using the Altera/Terasic DE2, Cyclone II FPGA educational board. The students could use any combination of Verilog, SOPC, ASM, C, and an operating system. The projects were limited to using one DE2 development board at all times.

Cornell University ECE 5760 Advanced Microcontrollers Final Projects

Fall 2010 ECE 5760 Projects

  • Falling Sand Game
    This project is a hardware implementation of a falling sand game, inspired by the Java-coded Pyro Sand Game. The FPGA on an Altera DE2 board runs the game at a constant frame rate with dedicated computational power that is not shared with an operating system or other applications.

  • Video Realtime Cartoonifier
    The system developed in this project bolds edges and reduces colors in real-time to make the video feed look like a cartoon. The colors can be reduced on a per channel basis from 3 bits per color all the way down to gray scale. A video decoder and VGA driver provided by Terasic were used to implement real time cartoonization on the Altera DE2 FPGA board.

  • Virtual Paint
    In this project, users can draw colored pictures on any plain surfaces like a wall using hand movements and fingers (with colored bands). The TRDB_DC2 camera development kit from terasic was used to serve as the frame grabber. All of the image processing and control were done on the Altera DE2 on board FPGA fabric.

  • Stereographic Depth Mapping
    The goal of this project was to design a very efficient and cost-effective real-time video depth camera using two identical cameras entirely processed in hardware. The inputs from the two cameras (via GPIO ports) are fed through three decoding modules provided by Terasic: CCD_Capture, RAW2RGB, and Mirror_Col.

  • Fractal Landscape
    The purpose of this project is to randomly generate a 2D fractal landscape and create a 3D projected image of the landscape. This was done using the diamond square algorithm in verilog (for 8 iterations), Gaussian blur algorithm, and an algorithm to create a 3D projected view from the 2D height map using an orthographic projection.

  • 3D Pong with Video Overlay
    POTION (Pong using motion) is a motion-controlled game system. The system supports up to two players. Two video feeds from consumer digital cameras are each fed into a pair of slave DE2 boards.

  • Music Visualization
    The project in this project takes an input signal (music, conversation, or noise), analyzes the signal, and then displays visuals on the VGA output in real time. The setup used for the project was a DE2 board, the on board audio codec, and VGA display driver with an external monitor.

  • PID Temperature Controller
    A digital PID controller was implemented on a FPGA to track and maintain a set point temperature of a water tank. Multiple controllers and heaters were used. The heaters were driven using a PWM signal from a FPGA that was amplified using BUZ 73 transistors.

  • WAV Player
    A fully functional music player was implemented with the Altera DE2 board. The music player can plays music files from SD card in real time, while providing user interaction, such as pause music, fast forward and more.

  • Word Recognition
    In this project, a Real Time Speech Recognition Engine was implemented on a FPGA using Altera DE2 board. The Real Time Speech Recognition Engine takes an input signal from a microphone and performs the frequency domain feature extraction on the sample to identify the word being spoken.

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